Barrister Sally Barrett Williams is an energy specialist, advising on contracts, regulation, project structure and market arrangements

Energy and new technology

developing an energy scheme, from inception to generation: drafting, negotiation, advising and dealing with regulators;


supply, sale, energy management  and power purchase contracts; 


grid connection;


sale and development contracts;


arrangements for connecting to the distribution network and private-wire networks.


general commercial contract drafting, negotiation and advice, from basics, such as confidentiality, consultancy and novation contracts to the more complex involving asset transfer, sale and purchase.


regulatory arrangements in energy and transport, both in the UK and overseas:


market structure and design;


structure, tasks, roles and establishment of regulators;


ancillary arrangements underpinning regulators, including industry rules and codes.

Energy matters

The future change that happened yesterday and what (some of) it means

The 2003 White Paper heralded a revolution for energy. In place of gas and coal there were to be renewable generators. 

It is now clear that what government meant by ‘renewable power’ was big renewable power. A bit of that happened with off-shore wind farms, but almost all renewable generators built since that time have been small, have been connected to the distribution network - and they have changed the shape of the energy market. 

About Sally Barrett-Williams

Barrister Sally Barrett Williams brings to all projects she advises, develops and partners consummate experience and a sharp vision for the future of energy.



Sally’s energy trajectory braids senior roles with key UK industry players and regulators, along European and US based private practices. She has lead complex international projects in China and Turkey, and designed regulation framework in Mozambique.


On the forefront of renewables, Sally also develops and takes stakes in new endeavours, sometimes joining the core team. She chairs The Energy & Utility Forum, an energy body uniting senior executives and politicians around renewables development and its policy impacts.


The Direct Access Scheme

A member of the public can obtain, in some cases, legal advice and/or legal representation directly from the barrister, without needing a solicitor, as previously in use. This way of obtaining services is known as Direct Access, sometimes called public access.


Direct access is governed by The Public Access Rules, an annex to the Bar Code of Conduct. For details, please visit

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