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Sally Barrett Williams set up Lansdown Chambers following senior posts in the UK energy industry and sector regulators, such as National Power PLC, OFGEM and The Rail Regulator, and in private practice with European and US-based law firms CMS and Troutman Sanders LLP.


Sally’s track record includes leading roles for project financed and balance sheet financed international power projects in China and Turkey, and regulation framework design in Mozambique.


Since 2001 she has focussed on renewable energy, working with all technologies and with all parties involved in project development or sale/investment. She is also a project developer, taking stakes in projects and joining the development team.


She was a Partner in The Carbon Catalysts Group, developing renewable power projects. Until 2020 she was Chairman of the Energy & Utility Forum, an energy policy body partnering senior executives and politicians with a focus on renewables development and its policy impacts.

She has become interested in emerging technologies and the use of data across electronic platforms that create new markets and refocus power systems to local levels. As a result, she co-founded VERAGroup, an organisation that supports entrepreneurs and new business models in these new markets, as well as providing support to existing renewables technologies.


Please visit: - VERAGROUP

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